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Facebook contains goups of all kinds of interests imaginable, including the perfect audience for your promotions...

But, one thing stands in your way... Facebook loves to block it's users for spamming and neither does it permit even paid ads with topics relevant to: direct sales, businesses from home, affiliate marketing, mlm, etc.... here is where the majority of sales reps, advertisers, and people trying to find leads, miss out big time.

One way around it would be to post in Facebook Groups relevant to your business or offer, but that requires alot of work, time and money.

The Facebook Machine allows you to search groups with ease, send messages that can be automatacally varied and take advantage of this free traffic without resulting as spammy and banned by Facebook.

Of course, there's loads of software out there that allows you to auto post to Facebook groups, but they tend to be limited to just one campaign or just don't post to every group that you'd like, etc, in other words you don't have complete control.

The Facebook Machine is one and only in the sense that it literally appears as if it was yourself posting in groups with distinct and personalised mesages, and different campaigns for each group of interest. Only "The Machine" will be doing the work for you... 🙂

Control your Messages

The Facebook Machine allows you to have total control of your messages. You will have graphs and statistics of everything that happens in Facebook in real time. In addition you will see how your potential customers react to your publications and thus be more effective.

Upload Images to Facebook

Make sure you capture your audience's attention by putting a striking image or Several at a time; You can also use attractive emoticons in your message. O An Animated Gif !!!, and also photo albums, Videos, etc.This is quick and easy to do with the image upload interface.

This way, all potential buyers will know exactly what you have on offer. You will be able to see exactly how your ad remains before publishing it.

Add All your Profiles

You can add and use all the profiles you want and publish in Groups, Pages, Pages I like. You can even publish Unlimited and Simultaneous up to 50 profiles with a single Makina.

You can also post as a Page to your pages and have control of public reactions (Like, Comments, Share, Wow, etc.)

Autopost your Messages

You can publish in hundreds of different groups with the amount of different messages you give.

You can also repeat the posts every x time and decide when to start and / or end a campaign. You can repeat your campaigns as many times as you want.

And So Maximize your exposure to increase traffic and sales with minimal effort.

Easily Search For Groups

The Facebook Machine allows you to search through hundreds - even thousands of Facebook groups quickly and simply to identify the best target audience for your products and affiliate offers.

The simple search tool allows you to use keywords to match your product to potential buyers.

Never waste time posting to the wrong audience.

No More Banned Acount

With The Facebook makina you have many different options to vary and rotate the messages that you send. (Spintax, Single GUID, Rotation of messages and campaigns, self-reports, etc.)
You will not disturb the owners of the group with spam messages and Facebook will not even bother!

Very Easy to Use

This software has been designed to be very easy to use - it is clear and easy to follow. You can super-boost your traffic in a very short time in a safe and easy way so that you can generate the income level that you have always dreamed of.

Still not clear? Try it without any commitment!

Choose your version
  •   Without Limits
    Loading Groups
    Speed of publication
    Alternate Profiles
    All without limits
  •   Profiles simultaneously
    Number of profiles that can publish simultaneously
  •   Daily Publications
    Number of times you can post in different groups
  •   Insights
    You can control:
    Reactions to your publications
    And you will see:
    Daily, Weekly and monthly summaries.
  •   Works in the cloud
    Publish live And also the Cloud. It works 24 hours. With your pc off.
  •   5 Types of Publication
    Publish Links Large Images Multi images Text Video
  •   Zero Settings
    Friendly Interface
    Very Simple
    Ready to use
    Zero settings on Facebook
    Also has an Advanced and Expert mode
  •   Interface multi-idioma
    Trabaja con tu lengua materna. Puedes cambiar facilmente el idioma de la interface.
  •   Support 24/365
    Support Via:
    * Chat
    * Skype
    * Team Viewer
    * Email
  •   Double commission
    Access to the double commission in the payment plan.
  •   Upload images
    Hosting to upload images to the server
  •   Upload videos
    Hosting to upload videos to the server


Free/ 3 días
Free/ 3 días
  • 1
  • 5


$ 10/ month *
$ 10/ month *
  • 2
  • 50

V6 Little

$ 15/ month *
$ 15/ month *
  • 3
  • 150
30 % Dto.

V6 Middle

$ 25/ month *
$ 25/ month *
  • 10
  • 400
  • 30 MB

V6 Full

$ 35/ month *
$ 35/ month *
  • 50
  • Unlimited

  • 100 MB

* NOTE: The prices indicated in the table above are valid from the second month and forever! They include promotion of discount for recurring payment. (The first month will have the same cost as the single payment).

Show SINGLE Payment Pricing Packs with Discount +
  • Choose your plack

  • Little

  • from...



  • V6 Little ✚

  • from...



  • V6 Middle

  • from...



  • V6 Full

  • from...



We refund your money

If for any of the latest changes of Facebook, even following the tutorials and La Makina does not publish, or does not show your Groups, we give back your Money. GUARANTEED.

We are looking for distributors

Are you interested in earning commissions for promoting The Machine in Multilevel? With The Facebook Machine If you can !! AFFILIATE FOR FREE !! And you will charge ALL months on a residual basis.
And if you are a client we double your commissions up to 40%.

✔ Earn residual commission month by month for each client.
✔ Promotional material. FREE!!.

✔ Virtual Office. FREE!!.
✔ Earn residual commission from 2nd. Level (For the sales of your customers).

You will receive your commissions every week in your Paypal account *, receive in real time the notice of your sales in your email and you only dedicate yourself to receive your commissions while we make the sales.

  • Powerful search system allowing you to achieve targeted traffic for your products or services.
  • Add hundreds of subscribers to your lists without spending a cent!!!
  • Free promotion of your affiliate offers to your targeted market.
  • Free promotion on Facebook that won't get you banned.
  • Free targeted traffic from any Facebook groups that you choose.
  • Monitor everything from your devices: Ipad, Iphone, Tablets o Smartphones con Android, Windows, Mac, etc.

Just picture this - your offers rotating to your potential buyers as often as you choose. All you have to decide is how many posts you want to show to how many groups. Basically you're deciding how much business you want to do - and, of course, how much money you want to make!


"It's excelent"

"You know, that price is very cheap"

"I'm gratefull for what you've given me, I consider it a gift!"

Baudilio Barahona Tróchez

"I recieve subscribers even while on holiday."

"I've never bought a program online that had such good technical soporte, being helped by real people is definately a plus!!!"

"This really is a bargain, i would have paid alot more, thanks loads!"

Mike Storey
Big Profit System

"An incredible program, I have varios at work simultaneously"

"I can control everything from my Ipad."

"Not just a great one-time payment but an unbeatable support team, Thankyou very much"

Alberto Camós
Empower Network

"They've posted!!!"

"Thanks mate"

"An excellent aplication!!!"

Adoni Diaz

"It was what I wanted, I'll definitely stay with you congratulations !!!"

Mike Partida
Recursos Networkers

"An excelent product, at an excellent price"

"All I can say is it's the best tool that i've found online to be able to advertise on Facebook"

"I recommend it 100% to everybody"

Vanessa Leiva Mlm

"Excelent, Thankyou"

"A great tool"

Mª Dolores Estrella Casado

"Works wonderfully!!!"

Darleny Almonte
Darleny Negocios

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